Lab Recycling

All Lab Recyclables must be EMPTY and FREE of Hazardous Materials.
This Includes: Chemical, Biological and Radioactive Material

Contact Emory Recycles regarding reusing or repurposing lab supplies, equipment or Styrofoam coolers and ice packs.  

REMEMBER:  Contact Environmental Health and Safety (404.727.5922) for disposal of hazardous or bio-medical waste, non-alkaline batteries, and fluorescent bulb.

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Printer, copier, letterhead, white/off-white notebook; white paper with color print; staples are ok; business envelopes without windows or with window plastic removed.  No glossy, waxed or laminated paper.  If it tears white, it is white paper.


Colored paper, newspapers, magazines, and phone books; cardstock material such as file folders and paper bags; packaging boxes for most lab materials that is not corrugated cardboard; no wax or laminated paper.


Includes all tip boxes, solvent bottles, Nalgene bottles, and Media bottles with recycle codes 1 - 6; Please EMPTY CONTENTS to avoid contamination; Plastic packaging materials including coolant, air, or any other filler must be emptied before recycling (refer to Chemical Waste Disposal Guidelines for proper disposal/recycling of containers.


SEPARATE BY COLOR AND EMPTY ALL CONTENTS.  No mirrors, window glass, ceramics, Pyrex, light bulbs (CFL's are recycled by EHSO)  
Remember NO PYREX.


Emory-owned electronics are reused or recycled through Emory Staging/Surplus Properties.  Call Campus Services Customer Service 404.727.7463 for pick-up or put a request in here.

Includes: monitors, hard drives, laptops, mice, ac cords, disks, anything with a circuit board, microwaves and rechargable batteries.