Recycling in your Res Hall

res hall recycling

What You Do

  • Choose a place in your new room that is convenient for recycling.  Your room should be supplied with one recycling bin that can be used to collect recyclables. This recycling bin should ALWAYS remain in your room.  These bins are property of Emory University Housing Department.
  • Composting bins are only provided in the recycling rooms, bathrooms and kitchen.  Please dispose of any food, paper soiled by food (napkins, paper towels, wax paper)in one of the composting bins.
  • When your recycling bin in your room is full -EMPTY IT!
    You are responsible for emptying your recycling container.  Recycling collection locations vary depending on where you live.  Empty your container at the central collection point in your hallway or at the dedicated recycling room located on each floor.
  • Emory Recycles separates recyclable material by type - white paper, mixed paper, plastics/tin/aluminum. Sort your recyclables into the correct collection containers - white paper in the white paper receptacle, mixed paper in the mixed paper receptacle, etc.  - YOU GET IT, RIGHT?

What We Do

  • The custodial staff will empty the recycling/composting from the hallways, recycling rooms, restrooms and kitchens in your building into larger blue and green containers located outside.
  • Emory Recycles staff collects the larger blue recycling carts for further processing at the Emory Recycling Center located on Peavine Creek Drive (Come visit!  We give tours)
  • The large green compost containers are collected by an off-campus vendor and taken to a compost faciltiy for further processing.  The food waste collected from your res hall is turned into compost, "black gold", a valuable soil ammendment and is used to ammend flower and landscape beds on Emory's beautiful campus.  IT"S A CLOSED LOOP!