The plan for the spring semester was based on projected COVID-19 caseloads, flu predictions for the coming months, and the possibility of safely accommodating more students on campus.

Spring Semester 2021

What Is Different?

Students will receive information from their respective dean with specific dates, further details, and any college or school-specific differences from the university’s calendar. To accommodate this compressed schedule and limit COVID-19 exposure, Emory will not have spring break this year. With this change, please know we have heard requests for additional mental health offerings and have added and will add additional resources and services for all members of our community.

For most colleges and schools, the spring semester began on January 25, with medical school classes resuming on January 4 and law school classes resuming on January 19. Classes will conclude by May 3, with most final exams held between May 4 and May 14.

What is the Same?

For most students, courses will continue as a mixture of in-person and remote classes, and many students will still have a majority, and possibly all, of their courses taught remotely. Students will be allowed to take a full course load remotely should they so choose.

Registration and Advising

Your school and these resources will have the most up-to-date information.

Emory College

  • Any student with questions about the registration process should contact
  • Virtual Walk-In Advising is available for all returning and new transfer students through College Connect

Oxford College

  • For advising questions or to connect with an academic adviser, please send a message to the Advising Support Center at or schedule an appointment via the bookings page

Remote Learning Tools

Outside of Class Instruction/Information


Almost all Emory courses already have an associated site on Canvas, which professors can use for grading and assessment, course calendars and syllabi, online discussions, and more.

Live Class Sessions


This web-based video-conferencing service is used for live class sessions and meetings as well as recorded sessions and live video feeds.