Isolation and Quarantine

To keep our community safe this semester, Emory students, faculty, and staff will adhere to new isolation and quarantine guidelines.

New Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently changed its isolation and quarantine guidelines to include the following:

  • Shortened period of isolation
  • New procedures for when and how to end isolation
  • Revised quarantine measures based largely on vaccination/booster status

Full details can be found on the CDC website. Emory will adopt and apply the recommended CDC guidelines across our student, faculty, and staff populations. 

Isolate-in-Place Protocols for Students Living On Campus

As previously noted, Emory will begin an isolate-in-place protocol as part of its larger isolation and quarantine policy for students living on campus. Students requiring isolation who are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms will receive instructions on how to isolate in their residences. Those who are high risk or exhibit more severe symptoms will continue to isolate and quarantine at the Emory Conference Center Hotel or in separate housing on the Oxford campus.

Students isolating in place will continue to receive access to medical care and academic continuity support during their period in isolation. Full details on what students living on campus can expect with this new protocol are available on the Student Health Services website.