Instructional Guide for Schools and Business Units

For notification and communication of a COVID-19 positive test

To oversee management of COVID-19 positive employees and students within a business unit or school

  • Consider appointing a COVID-19 officer, or another person to ensure communications have been sent to the appropriate audiences, environmental cleaning has been requested/completed, and other health and safety safeguards have been initiated (specific responsibilities outlined below); 
  • Promote healthy behaviors to aid in minimizing disease transmission; and 
  • Consult with Emory’s Office of Critical Events Preparedness and Response (CEPAR) as needed. 

Role of a COVID-19 coordinator or risk mitigation team

  • Ensures that department supervisors have completed their administrative and communication responsibilities:
    • Need-to-know communications to co-workers, students, and/or shared space unit leads (protecting individual privacy for all employees and students);
    • Ensures space cleaning takes place;
  • Serves as conduit of information to dean/CBO; and 
  • Escalates issues that may need attention/resolution at the governance or policy-making level.

Encourage Employees to:

Stay home if they have fever or are not feeling well

Avoid large gatherings

Practice physical distancing

Wear appropriate face coverings

Practice good hand hygiene

Telework when possible

Campus Resources

Critical Event Preparedness and Response Office (CEPAR)


Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO)


Occupational Injury Management Office (OIM)

404.686.8587, Option 1

Student Health Services (SHS)

Atlanta Campus: 404.727.7551
Oxford Campus: 770.784.8376

Emory Healthcare COVID-19 Information & Nurses Line

404.71.COVID (404.712.6843)

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Team

Every school/unit will designate a team or officer