Joshua R. Newton

Joshua R. Newton, Emory’s senior vice president for advancement and alumni engagement, leads an energetic team of professionals who build relationships with our alumni and donor community around the world.

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The Strength of Emory's Community

Emory makes a lasting impression. Anyone who has studied or taught here, received care in one of our outstanding hospitals or clinics, worked with our talented staff, or even just visited the campus can tell a story about how this place changes lives for the better.   

There are so many wonderful things to love about Emory, and chief among them is our community. Starting with President Claire Sterk and extending to alumni, friends, and partners around the world, members of the Emory community share their expertise and values in creative ways, and our contributions matter. 

Building on Emory’s strengths, President Sterk and her leadership team have developed an exciting vision for the future. Working together, our community will elevate Emory over the next decade to become one of the truly preeminent global universities. Alumni are central to this effort. Emory relies on alumni to use their education in compelling ways, to make a difference wherever they live, and to stay connected with Emory so new generations of students and trainees can see the possibilities.

Philanthropy also is essential. Supporting Emory’s aspirations is a great investment, one that benefits every member of our community. Regardless of the size, your gifts to student scholarships, patient care, faculty research, and any of Emory’s other life-changing work will generate valuable returns. 

If you’re reading this message, then I trust that Emory is important to you. You can be an active part of this community no matter where you live. There are so many ways to be involved, and our team in advancement and alumni engagement can help you make the connections that are right for you.


Joshua R. Newton
Senior Vice President
Advancement and Alumni Engagement