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Religious Life

interior arch at Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church

The university community enjoys a diverse religious life.

The Inter-Religious Council includes representatives of all campus religious groups.

Methodists founded Emory College, and the university maintains a formal affiliation with the United Methodist Church. Emory's Candler School of Theology is one of 13 United Methodist seminaries, and dozens of denominations are represented in its student body.

Atlanta's international community offers an array of religious observances and services.

Religious Groups

Celebrating Faiths Together

Christian organizations offer a range of services throughout the week.

Jewish student organizations, including Hillel and Chabad, offer Shabbat and High Holy Day services.

Muslim students meet regularly for prayer services.

Hindu students host a diwali festival celebration.

Buddhist students participate in meditations and sittings.

Baha'i students invite people of all faiths and perspectives to weekly meetings.

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