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Oil Change

What if we could make all the oil we need out of algae? Jonathan Wolfson 93C and Harrison Dillon 93C, founders of the biotech company Solazyme, say we can—and they mean to prove it. Story

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Frank Alexander

Plot Twist

More than four million Americans have faced foreclosure on their homes since 2007. Emory’s Frank Alexander is helping to turn a little-known practice into a widely used tool for transforming problem properties from eyesores into assets. Story

A Cambodian girl on a boat

The Weight of Water

It’s easy to take water for granted when it gushes fresh from a tap. But most of the world’s women have to work for every drop. Story

An alumna beekeeper with her hive on top of an Emory building

Living Lightly

What do local honey, rainwater, Las Vegas middle-schoolers, lithium batteries, and the EPA have in common? Learn how a dozen Emory alumni are taking fresh, creative approaches—both personal and professional—to living sustainably. Story


Living in Color

We’re calling this “the green issue.”

It’s about Emory alumni and scholars who are turning algae into oil, vacant houses into homes, small loans into safe water, hobbies into lifestyle changes, and good intentions into conservation careers. Read more

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