Special Report

Taking on Ebola

Find out how and why patients infected with Ebola virus were brought for treatment in the Serious Communicable Disease Unit at Emory University Hospital—and meet the people who helped them survive. 



admission deans

Shaping a Freshman Class

How do you turn more than seventeen thousand applications into one Class of 2018? At Emory's Office of Undergraduate Admission, you start by reading between the lines. Story


One of 'Tomorrow's People'

When Pavlo Sheremeta 95MBA agreed to serve as Ukraine's finance minister, he brought business expertise, a desire to serve the people, and hope for the future. He kept all that when he left the job behind. Story


Lasker Award Winner

Emory's Mahlon DeLong has helped revolutionize treatment for Parkinson's disease. In September, he was recognized with one of science's highest honors. Story

Windows of Opportunity: Turn Your Inspiration into Action.

Ebola Virus

Prelude: Moving Targets

Until late July, Ebola virus disease had not been treated in the United States. The outbreak in West Africa was bad and getting worse, and concern was mounting among public health officials, but it was not yet making headlines here. That changed on the morning when American physician and missionary Kent Brantly woke up in Monrovia, Liberia, feeling sick and scared. Read more


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