Ben Johnson portrait

Cover Story

Steady Hand, Wise Heart

Emory has served as a touchstone for Ben F. Johnson III 65C since he was a boy, long before he became chair of the university’s Board of Trustees in 2000. These days he is more likely to be found at nearby deli The General Muir than the Administration Building, but he’s never very far away. Story

Of Note


Coffee beans

Caffeine Fix

Grab a cup of joe and join us for a visit to Nicaragua, where faculty and students from Goizueta Business School are helping organic coffee farmers get what they deserve: a better price for their beans. Story

From Bean to Brew: How coffee gets into your cup

Student in lab

The Kids Are All Bright

They’re synthesizing catalysts and chalcones, producing plays, studying causal illusions, living with monks, and engineering proteins—and these student researchers aren’t even out of college. Story

Multicolored paper cutouts

Beyond Black and White

How Emory’s School of Law is walking the walk when it comes to diversity—and why it matters. Story

Windows of Opportunity: Turn your inspiration into action.

Tea and magazine proofs in front of the fire


Lighting the Torch

One of my favorite places in the world is my living room in winter, where there’s usually a fire burning in the fireplace. I don’t know what it is about a fire that I find so beguiling, but there is something about the glow, the warmth, and the crackle that lures me to sit for hours—reading, drinking coffee (like now) or tea or wine, working (like now), or just daydreaming, staring at the flames as though they’re spinning a story and I might miss the ending if I don’t keep watch. Story

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