Emory Report

 September 29, 1997

 Volume 50, No. 6

North Kilgo project scheduled
for completion by mid-October

Due to a snafu in the type of bricks a vendor supplied for the North Kilgo Street pedestrian walkway, the project was not completed by its August deadline, but University officials expect everything to be finished by Oct. 10.

The modular pavers originally ordered for the project did not fit together in the herringbone-pattern in which they were to be set. "Somewhere along the line there was a hiccup," said Earle Whittington, senior project manager in campus planning and construction. "When we started laying them out, we didn't think they met the long-term look and quality of Emory."

Associate project manager Hector Morales said the contractor, Beers Construction, worked out a deal to receive the appropriate bricks. Once they arrived, construction crews were able to finish paving the walkway.

North Kilgo opened Friday, Sept. 26, in time for Alumni Weekend, but it isn't 100 percent completed. But pedestrians can get a look at the new walkway, which includes 15 feet of paved surface, flanked on each side by two-and-a-half feet of underground structural support for firetruck access.

The rest of the project, including signage, lampposts, benches, trash cans and cigarette receptacles, is scheduled for completion by Oct. 10. "In addition to the brickwork, there's irrigation work that's going on, a pretty fair amount of landscaping," Morales said.

Also on the docket are two informational kiosks, one of which is being funded by the Student Government Association. The kiosks will be positioned at the entrance to North Kilgo and between Cox Hall and the Dobbs Center, and they will feature a four-sided, bulletin-board surface on which faculty, staff and students may post announcements.

"Our shop drawings have been approved, and basically it's the same material, the same colors as our signage," Morales said. "The tack board will be easily removeable, so if it gets all roughed up we can put a new one on."

The kiosks are not due to arrive on campus until November, so Morales said his team will complete the concrete bases for the structures, so they can simply be lowered in place once they arrive.

The North Kilgo pedestrian walkway is one facet of the campus master planning process and one that President Bill Chace wanted completed to give the Emory community a taste of what the master plan will encompass. Morales said other similar projects could get underway soon.

-Michael Terrazas

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