September 29, 1997
Volume 50, No. 6



University sees record-breaking totals for sponsored research in '97 fiscal year


Databases make
journal research
a mouse click away


Lecture explores
effects of media violence on children


Men's and women's sports now even with the addition of softball


Seretean Center already an asset to public health


North Kilgo project scheduled for completion by mid-October


Sandler works
to warm 'chilly
classroom climate'


Issues in Progress

A letter to the Emory Community

Last spring, a number of Emory staff raised concerns to their Employee Council representatives about the annual United Way campaign. They felt as if they had been placed under undue pressure to contribute. When this issue was raised at a council meeting, several other representatives also said that they had heard complaints. Subsequently, representatives surveyed their constituents and reported that concern about the campaign was widespread.

The Council invited the coordinators of Emory's United Way campaign to discuss the issue at our June meeting, which they did. Based on the discussion, we presented recommendations for reform to the campaign coordinators, who since have given us strong indication that they will respond with changes in the way that they conduct this year's campaign. For example, contribution forms will not be preprinted with addresses and social security numbers; high-pressure interdepartmental competitions will be discouraged; campaign ambassadors will go through more structured training (council members have been invited to be present at trainings); and better education about the United Way will be undertaken, among other measures.

The Employee Council believes that what is most important now in regard to this issue is to create an environment in which the employees of the University feel that the decision to give can be made freely and without undue pressure and that Emory affirms the many other ways its employees are engaged in community service and charitable giving. At the same time, the council recognizes the long-term commitment Emory has made to the United Way and believes that with due attention to the concerns raised by employees, a proactive and public campaign is not only reasonable but also a good way for the institution to be engaged in broad-based community service.

The council will remain engaged throughout the campaign, and we welcome any thoughts or experiences you wish to share. The range of feelings on this issue is as broad as the employee population, and we expect that the response will be equally so. The e-mail address for the Employee Council is <>, and my own is <>.

Erik Oliver
President, Employee Council


First Person: Patti Owen-Smith
The struggle and the solace of feminist pedagogy


Profile: Elyse Harrison
Art allows freedom to let emotions take form


Diversity is difficult,
but possible, in America's churches


Law course examines
issues surrounding
capital punishment

EmoryWire debuts
as weekly e-mail communication

EmoryWire is a new weekly e-mail communication of current university news, produced by the Office of University Communications. The service provides subscribers with:

  • On- and off-campus breaking news stories that affect the University
  • Updates on issues currently being debated on campus
  • Major local, national and international media coverage of the University.

To subscribe to EmoryWire: Send a message to <>. Leave the subject field blank. In the message field, input: Subscribe EmoryWire FirstName LastName (ie, Subscribe EmoryWire John Smith).

If your e-mail includes a signature footer (typically your name and address) at the bottom of the message, please delete it from the subscription request message.

EmoryWire also has a web site: <>

Emory supplier
wins council award

The Purchasing Department nominated Ron Shinault, a member of the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council and CEO of Cosh Healthcare LTD as the 1996 Supplier of the Year. The nomination resulted in Shinault being chosen as the winner of the award. According to Mary Ellen McClellan, business manager for the Purchasing Department, Shinault has been doing business with Emory since 1989 as a supplier of medical scientific equipment and supplies.

The Supplier of the Year award is for a supplier who consistently provides quality products, timely delivery and good customer relations. In her nomination of Shinault for the award, McClellan wrote that he tracks Emory's needs for supplies and "if there is a possibility of delay, he brings together whatever resources necessary to ensure the delivery deadline is met."

Emory has a policy to support small, disadvantaged and women-owned business enterprises. The Purchasing Department attempts to involve these businesses when solicitations are made for any competitive procurement. Emory does not establish preferences or set-asides for small business enterprises, but provides maximum practical opportunity to these businesses to bid on Emory business. Additionally, the Purchasing Department participates in a number of outreach activities to increase the supplier base of qualified, capable vendors and to improve Emory's minority business development program.

Professors inducted into Academy
of Arts and Sciences

Harold J. Berman, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law, and Johnetta B Cole, Presidential Distinguished Professor of Anthropology will be inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences on Sept. 27. Berman and Cole are among the 162 new members who were chosen in recognition of their distinguished contributions to science, scholarship, public affairs and the arts.

Berman, an internationally recognized expert on an array of legal disciplines from international trade to legal philosophy, founded the first international and comparative law school in Russia-Emory Law School's American Law Center in Moscow. Of an impressive list of books written by Berman, his most noted, Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition (1983), has been translated into three languages.

Cole is president emerita of Spelman College and will join the Emory faculty in September 1998 as an anthropology professor. Under her strong leadership, Spelman has placed in several national rankings as a top institution. U.S. News & World Report selected Spelman as a "Best College Buy." Money magazine ranked Spelman as the no. 1 historically black college, the no. 1 women's college and, for four years in a row, in the top ten best college buys. Cole will be one of the speakers at the Academy's induction ceremony.

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