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October 23, 2000

Benefits annual election period begins

Wynell Lauver is communications consultant for Human Resources

The Benefits Annual Election Period will be your only opportunity to enroll in or make changes to health, dental and vision plans for the 2001 calendar year. All elections will be effective Jan. 1, 2001. Employees already enrolled in health, dental and/or vision and who want to keep the exact coverage do not need to re-enroll. However, everyone must re-enroll in the flexible spending accounts annually. Highlights for 2001 include:

Healthcare Plans: EmoryChoice
• Employee payroll deductions will remain the same.

Emory Care
• Employee payroll deductions will increase minimally. While the actual costs have increased appreciably, Emory is absorbing much of the increased cost to compensate for this year’s insurance problems.

Dental Plans: Traditional
• Employee payroll deductions will increase minimally.
• The annual per-person benefit maximum will increase from $750 to $1,000. The orthodonture (available only to children 18 and younger) lifetime maximum benefit will increase from $1,000 to $1,500.

PreSelect (DHMO)
• Employee payroll deductions will remain the same.
• Coverage is now available to same-sex domestic partners.

Dental Access Program
• Due to continuing complaints about limited providers in the PreSelect DHMO, we are adding a new Dental Access Program.This program offers in-network or out-of-network benefits similar to the traditional program but at a lower payroll deduction. It also offers:
• a broader network than the PreSelect.
• no referral to see a specialist (required in PreSelect).
• discounted fee for adult orthodonture with in-network provider.
• no deductible.
• coverage for same-sex domestic partners.

2001 Rate Changes: University, hospitals and Emory Clinic
EmoryCare (monthly) (biweekly)
Single $62 $31
Employee/child $184 $92
Employee/spouse $230 $115
Family $278 $139

Dental Access (monthly) (biweekly)
Single $12 $6
Two-person $21 $10.50
Family $40 $20

Traditional Dental (monthly) (biweekly)
Single $15 $7.50
Two-person $32 $16
Family $50 $25

Emory Vision Care
• Membership fee will change to $5 per person per month up to a maximum of $25 per month.
• Co-pay for routine vision screening will decrease from $29 to $15.
• Two new discounted eyeglass packages will be added.
• Discount for vision correction surgery will increase.

Flexible Spending Accounts
• Employees must enroll/re-enroll annually.
• Employees enrolling this year will be eligible for prizes.
Employees will receive Your Guide to Benefits Choices 2001 with information on enrolling, changing or dropping benefit plans, and a list of enrollment sessions and drop-off sites for forms.

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