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March 19, 2001

Campus IDs to add
two digits by 2003

By Jan Gleason


Within the next two years, all Emory IDs will become standardized as seven-digit numeric IDs known as the “Emory Personal ID” (EMPLID) in PeopleSoft.

The move will allow all Emory faculty, staff and students to be identified using a single ID number.

By 2003, administrative systems will no longer support the five-character, alphanumeric IDs, commonly known as “Campus IDs” that have been used for students.

“All students currently have five-character, alphanumeric IDs, and we knew we would need to maintain these to allow time for all campus systems to accommodate the new seven-digit student IDs,” said Heather Mugg, project director of PeopleSoft Student Administration. “This is an effort to let offices on campus know that at some point they need to modify their systems to use the seven-digit IDs because the old IDs will be phased out.”

Any departments who use systems dependent upon the old Campus ID as their primary key are being urged to make plans to switch to the new seven-digit ID. Departments are advised to make budget adjustments, upgrades to systems and other plans to prepare their systems for the discontinuation of five-digit student IDs.

PeopleSoft uses the EMPLID as the primary key to identify and locate a person’s record in the database. This ID has been renamed as the “Emory Personal ID” or “Student ID” to be more inclusive of students. There are several systems on campus currently dependent on the five-digit alphanumeric campus ID as their primary key.

“Over time, they need to transition to the new Student ID, bringing all systems into a consistent use of the same unique identifier,” said Mark Elliott, technical lead for PeopleSoft Student Admini-stration. “Our effort to put a deadline on this will hopefully ensure that everyone starts thinking about how they will accommodate this change to a seven-digit ID.”


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