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April 1, 2002

Second-quarter celebrants

Wynell Lauver is communications consultant for Human Resources.


Congratulations to the following Emory employees who are celebrating five, 10, 15 and 20 years of service during the second quarter. Together, these 131 employees represent a total of 1,200 years of service at Emory.

Tanisha Alexander-Harris, Accounts Payable; Robert Babcock, Psychiatry; Anne Bavier, Health Sciences Development, Pearlie Beavers, Pathology; Kenya Bennett, Medical Care Foundation; Paulette Brathwait, University Libraries; Abraham Bravo, Facilities Management; Patricia Bryant-Hughes, Office of the Controller; Amy Caplan, Anthropology; Judith Cherry, Winship Cancer Institute; Craig Christian, Emory Police Department; Elizabeth Clark-Morrison, General Counsel; Debra Couch, Behavioral Science/Health Education; Yvonne Debellotte, Microbiology/ Immunology; Margaret Dennison, Psychology; Allison Dykes, Association of Emory Alumni; Brooke Elder, Cell Biology; Carol Flowers, Equal Opportunity Programs; Candace Frederick, Network Communications; Kim Fugate, Surgery; Freddis Gober, Genetics; Peggy Gray, Facilities Management; Sonya Grubbs, Behavioral Science/Health Education; Katherine Guice, Medical Care Foundation; Diana Hall, Georgia 1st; Michael Hall, Environmental Health & Safety; Debora Harmon, Office of the Dean (SPH); Wendell Harris, Facilities Management; Ken Hornbeck, Pediatrics; William Jackson, Credit Union; Gwendolyn Johnson, Accounts Payable Office; Melisa Jordan, Medical Care Foundation; Laurie Kelly, Internet/Intranet; Charles Kitchen, Radiology; Michele Kliem, Neurology; Mary Lewis, Epidemiology, Barbara Locus-Maffett, School of Nursing; Susan Marshall, Yerkes; Melba Mason, Pediatrics; Susan McCall, Surgery; Susan McConnell, Endocrinology; Sherry McDonald, Digestive Diseases; Sonia Moreland, Parking & Community Services; Heather Osborne, Financial Aid; Freda Parker, Campus Life; Sandra Parks, Psychiatry; Robert Poh, Information Technology, Robin Poovey, Carter Center; Sara-Haigh Porter, Association of Emory Alumni; Farzaneh Pour Ansari, Neurology; Rebeca Quintana, University Libraries; John Raudonis, Bookstore; Bobby Jean Rockmore, Campus Life; Beth Simmons, Pediatrics; Lorraine Staats, Hypertension; Darel Stein, Neurology; Marc Verreault, Yerkes; Laverne Walker, Pediatrics; Sonya Ware, Emory Police Department; Shundra Welch, Dermatology; Cathy Wood-Siverio, Epidemiology; Michelle Zhang, Credit Union; Debra Sarah Zingarelli, Cont. Med. Ed & Bio. Media.

William Barner, Community Education Services; Joyce Bergere, Financial Aid; Coca Bevzan, Campus Life; Anne Billingslea, Medical Care Foundation; Sarah Blanton, Rehabilitation Medicine; Elizabeth Boswell, Institutional Advancement; Charles Boyanton, Testing & Evaluation; Zana Boyanton, Testing & Evaluation; Diane Cassels, Radiation Oncology; Angela Dearing, Office of the Dean (SPH); Mary Dial, Human Resources; Sonia Elmer, Urology; Timothy Ely, Psychiatry; James Freeman, Business School; Martha Howard, Radiology; Sharon Hynes, Psychiatry; Gregory Jones, Office of Exec. VP Health Affairs; Linda King, School of Law, Suzetta Lockleer, Campus Life; Patricia Long, Medical Care Foundation; Linda Longwell, Office of the Dean (SPH); David Lucas, Yerkes; Martha Lucas, Carter Center; Florine Melton, Pediatrics; Tammy Nachman, Pathology; Gilda Parnell, Medical Care Foundation; Kosilla Patram, Winship Cancer Institute; Susan Plott, Psychiatry; Jocelyn Porquez, Psychiatry; Joan Risinger, Pediatrics; Marie Smallwood, Network Communications; Judy Steele, Credit Union; Lisa Taylor, Neurology; Panya Taysavang, Pathology; Kent Tolleson, Office of the Dean (SPH); Patricia Tuohy, Infectious Diseases; Cecilia Verner, Health Sciences Development; Zenobia Whitelow, Parking & Community Services.

Diane Blackshear, Clinic Res. Unit; Ronald Bloodworth, Project Management; Wheeler Boyd, Campus Life; Michael Chase, Operational Services; Rebecca Correll, Cell Biology; Evie Mae Curtis, Campus Life; Jimmie Lee Dukes, Campus Life; Amy Erbil, Graduate School; Alfred Herzog, Facilities Management; Carolyn Jefferson, Health Sciences Development; Nancy Kratzer, Business School; Katherine Lindstrom, Ophthalmology; Patsy McDonald, Oxford; Moffett Morris, University Libraries; Faye Sanders, Winship Cancer Institute; Nancy Stauffer, Business School; Monica Taylor, GDBBS; Carol Tucker-Burden, Surgery; Carole West, OB/GYN.

Ann Borden, Public Affairs; Gloria Ann Cargile, Oxford; Debra Cohen, Orthopaedics; Marylynn Covington, Ophthalmology; Michael Hooten, Public Affairs; Ann Hulton, Woodruff Health Sciences Center; Alice Deaton Jones, Radiology; Gloria Mann, School of Law; Beverly Noe, Surgery; Michael Smith, Yerkes;
Robin Tarpley, Radiology.

The list of anniversaries is based on PeopleSoft records. Please report any oversights/discrepancies to the benefits department at 404-727-7613.