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January 22, 2002

Anniversary celebrants recognized for service

Wynell Lauver is communications consultant for Human Resources.


Traditionally, long-term employees celebrating 25+ years of service are feted at the annual Service Awards luncheon. Recognizing that five, 10, 15 and 20 years of service are also major milestones, the University is proud to applaud these employees on a quarterly basis in Emory Report. The following list of anniversaries is based on PeopleSoft records. Please report any oversights/discrepancies to the Benefits Department at 404-727-7613. Congratulations to:

5 YEARS Glenda Abdur-Rahman, Carlos Museum; Christopher Alexander, School of Public Health; Rick Belt, Facilities Management; Kathleen Brill, Medical School: Special Programs; Teresa Burk, University Libraries; Natalie Bussey, Bookstore; Gail Carmichael, Medical School: Renal; Ronald Cleveland, Facilities Management; Suzanne Crawshaw, Oxford College; Lanta Dodson, Administrative Information Systems; Sharon Dorsey, Task ForceŃChild Survival & Development; Minida Dowdy, Medical School: Animal Resources; Beverly Durden, Technical Services; Ing Dye, Human Resources; Stephanie Ehnert, Yerkes; Terry Eiesland, Campus Life; Robert Francis, Network Communications; Paula Frew, Medical School: Microbiology/ Immunology; Duane Gentes, Facilities Management; Amy Ginyard, Office of the Bursar; Reuben Gonzales, Bookstore; Steven Grimm, Medical School: Environmental Health & Safety; Tammy Hails, Yerkes; Deb Hammacher, Public Affairs; Robert Hascall, Facilities Management; Brenda Hascall, School of Nursing; Rebecca Hill, Medical School: Hypertension; Carole Hirthler, Finance and Administration; David Horowitz, Bookstore; Marlene Human, Medical School: Pediatrics; Sandra Igbinovia, Office of Grants and Contracts; Thomas Jackson, Emory College: Mathematics; Alice Jackson, School of Public Health; James Johnson, Facilities Management; Stacey Jones, Public Affairs; Linda Kesselring, Office of Research; Lisa Kreiner, Emory College: Biology; Naomi Lamar, Medical School: Psychiatry; Amanda Lawson, Facilities Management; Katherine Lloyd, Goizueta Business School; Joseph Longino, Facilities Management; Thomas Manns, Emory Police Department; Joyce Marshall, Medical School: Pediatrics; Sheryl Mckenzie, Facilities Management; Andrea Mitchell, School of Public Health; Kristin Moehring, Medical School: Cardiology; Wayne Morse Jr., Academic Technologies Group; Carol Nichols, Medical School: Neurology; Charles Novela, Medical School: Neurosurgery; Daphne Outlaw, Emory College: Sociology; Lisa Page, Medical School: Psychiatry; Bennie Parsons Jr., Emory Card; Laura Pokalsky, Academic Technologies Group; James Powell, Facilities Management; Janice Queen, Medical School: Infectious Diseases; George Reeves, Medical School: Ob/Gyn; Phyllis Sarver, Medical School: Pediatrics; John Shanks, Medical School: Biochemistry; Diana Shelburne, School of Nursing; Mark Shoop, Medical School: Family & Preventive; Caryn Shulman, Medical School: Dermatology; Robin Smith, Facilities Management: Maintenance Administration; Palla Smith, Office of Sponsored Programs; Winfred Sneed, Network Communications; Gail Snell, Medical School: Cardiology; Thelma Snider, Medical School: Orthopaedics; Cherrie Spear, Campus Life; Dennis Starks Jr., Facilities Management; Mary Streeter, School of Public Health; Shorndra Thompson, Campus Life; Beverly Tucker, Medical School: Medical Care Foundation; Gary Walling, Campus Life; Xiaolan Wang, Goizueta Business School; Annie Washington, School of Public Health; Michelle Webb, School of Public Health.

10 YEARS Elizabeth Barrett, Office of the Bursar; Steven Bean, Medical School: Cont. Med. Ed. & Bio. Media; Barbara Bingham, Medical School: Medical School Administration; Susan Carini, Public Affairs; Saralyn Chestnut, Campus Life; Cynthia Cross, Yerkes; Alfreda Florence, Medical School: Ophthalmology; Shawn Hitchcock, Medical School: Pediatrics; S. E. Justice, Public Affairs; MaryJane Kennedy, Medical School: Pediatrics; Jennifer McClain, Yerkes; Loretta McNutt, Emory College: Economics; Michael Morrier, Medical School: Psychiatry; Lenora Purcell, Testing & Evaluation; Dexie Sanders, Medical School: Medical Care Foundation; Ruth Shaw, Testing & Evaluation; Melissa Shrader, Oxford College; Michael Smith, Academic Technologies Group; Sandra Smith, School of Public Health; Beth Sumpter, Yerkes. 15 YEARS Winton Brown, Administrative Information Systems; Deborah Carlisle, Institutional Development & Services; Deborah Crawl, Facilities Management; Arabelle Ellerbe, University Libraries; Edward Graham, Emory College: Chemistry; Joanne Harris, University Admissions; Marsha Hendricks, Campus Life; Jennifer Hull, Medical School: Microbiology/Immunology; Mary Johnson, Medical School: Radiology; Bradley Jones, Candler School of Theology; Nancy Knaak, School of Law; Beecher Lawson, Information Technology Division; Robert Manchester, Facilities Management; Jerri Martin, Network Communications; Guy Mitchell, Facilities Management; Ann Owens, Network Communications; David Rodriguez, Customer Support Center; Kenneth Scott, University Libraries; Edwin Shires, Medical School: Pathology; Samuel Smith, Campus Life; Janet Thigpen, Medical School: Neonatology; Diana Wilson, Office of Executive Vice President.

20 YEARS Barbara Anderson, Administrative Information Systems; Marie Hansen, University Libraries; Paula Hatten-Mitchell, Medical School: Ctr. for Molecular Medicine; Marian Hudson, Campus Life; Arthur Jeffries, Oxford College; Linda McCollum, Medical School: Pediatrics.




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