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Emory places high in 'serve-study' rankings: 2001 Emory College graduate Nir Eyal founded Emory READ, a successful volunteer tutoring program that also hires work-study students. The program is one reason Emory ranks second among top U.S. universities in percentage of federal work-study funding that goes to community-service projects, according to a recent study. Not all institutions are so fortunate; many universities do not meet the 7 percent federal requirement. Click here or above for the full story. Photo by Kay Hinton.


This image of novelist Richard Ford is one of 58 currently on display in Woodruff Library’s Schatten Gallery as part of the exhibit, “Portraits of Southern Writers: Photographs by Curt Richter.” Richter, a photographer who splits his time between Manhattan and Finland, compiled the series for a book of the same name, which features images of such literary figures as William Styron, Doris Betts, Reynolds Price, Kay Gibbons, Harry Crews, James Dickey and others. Among his most colorful subjects, Richter recalled, was Eugene Walter. “After he led me into his studio I noticed a strange piece of furniture ,” Richter said. “There was the head of a grandfather clock with houseflies painted all over it, and beneath that was a glass case with an animals horn inside. Supporting these was a substantial and finely crafted wooden cabinet. Walter said the top piece showed that time flies, the horn was from a unicorn born on the day Voltaire died, and the cabinent contained a hair that Talullah Bankhead presented him on the day By the Skin of Our Teeth opened in Paris.” The exhibit runs through Feb. 25.





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