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May 28, 2002

Retiring employees

The retiring members of Emory’s faculty, administration and staff were recognized at this year’s graduation ceremony. Below are the names and departments of retiring individuals, along with the year they began working at the University.

A. Thomas Allen III, Anesthesiology (1985)
Robert Bailey, Oxford College (1981)
Eugene Bianchi, Office of Vice President of Academic Affairs (1968)
Ronald Boothe, Psychology (1984)
Merle Wayne Coon, Office of Executive Vice President (1989)
Dollie Daniels, Epidemiology (1977)
William Davis III, Radiology (1988)
William Herbert Foege, Center for International Health (1976)
Charles Robert Foster, School of Theology (1988)
Robert Franch, Cardiology (1956)
Iris Frank, The Carter Center (1991)
John Mitchell Freeman, School of Theology (1985)
John Gamwell, Orthopaedics (1970)
Constance Gentry, Network Communications (1969)
Miriam Fisher Gentry, Geriatrics (1961)
Benjamin George, Respiratory Therapy (1962)
David Goldsmith, Chemistry (1963)
Michael. Gravanis, Pathology (1965)
Grover Hogan, Medical School Administration (1967)
Carl Hug Jr., Anesthesiology (1971)
Irwin Hyatt, Emory College (1965)
Steven Jaffe, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (1971)
Lorraine Johnson, Winship Cancer Center (1963)
Henry Kahn, Family and Preventive Medicine (1972)
Jane Lee, Cell Biology (1963)
Jean Megenity, School of Nursing (1971)
Richard Michael, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (1968)
Garland Richmond, German Studies (1963)
Michael Riemann, Ophthalmology (1985)
Charles Schisler, Music (1988)
Donald Shure, Biology (1969)
Robert Silliman, History (1964)
Marianne Skeen, Microbiology/Immunology (1969)
Linda Visk, University Libraries (1958)
John Waller, Anesthesiology (1977)
Paul Waltman, Mathematics and Computer Science (1983)
Nelson.Watts, Endocrinology (1983)
Donald Wells, Emory Healthcare (1966)
Taliaferro Williamson, Center for Pastoral Services (1982)

Staff (25 or more years of service)
Joan Barlow, Medical Technician (1963)
Betty Barron, Cardiology, EUH (1966)
Arthur Carter, Bookstore (1965)
Jacqueline Castellaw, Financial Aid (1974)
Virginia Davenport, Custodial Services (1972)
Agnes Foster, Housing (1965)
Margaret George, Accounts Payable (1961)
Lula Glass, Environmental Services, EUH (1974)
Cora Hunter, Nursing, EUH (1971)
Mary Jackson, Laboratory Support Services, CLH (1968)
Anna Johnson, Environmental Services, EUH (1976)
Evelyn Kesler, Accounts Payable (1971)
Larry Kirkland, Employee Health, EUH (1970)
Juanita Kitchens, Oxford College (1966)
Willie Mason, Laundry and Linen, EUH (1973)
Richard McNabb, Facilities Management, CLH (1976)
Julia Norman, Nursing, EUH (1968)
Patricia Redford, Philosophy (1976)
Ruth Ridings, Radiology, CLH (1977)
Angel Rodriguez, Facilities Management (1973)
June Sangala, Medical School (1973)
Melvin Small, Food and Nutrition Services, EUH (1956)
Angela Smitherman, Nursing Services, CLH (1971)
Walter Spurley, Custodial Services (1965)
Cora Standifer, Laundry and Linen, CLH (1965)
Elaine Wang, Medical School (1963)
Alfreda Yancey, Interdepartmental Staffing, CLH (1970)