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Public Issues Forum debates Iraq policy: From left, sociology’s Frank Lechner, Middle Eastern studies’ Mahmoud Al-Batal and the law school’s Abdullahi An-Na’im participated in the inaugural Emory Public Issues Forum, held Nov. 6 in White Hall. The event, sponsored by the Joint Activities Committee of Emory College and Campus Life, examined whether the United States should attack Iraq and what repercussions such an attack might have. Headlining the event was Jay Bookman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor and columnist, who said an attack on Iraq might signal the beginning of a U.S. push for global empire.Click here or above for the full story. Photo by Kay Hinton.


Bok headlines ‘Celebration of Scholarship,’ Nov. 25
Derek Bok, president emeritus at Harvard University, will be the featured speaker at Emory’s annual “In Celebration of Scholarship” event, Nov. 25, meant to honor Emory’s new distinguished chairholders (see story). Bok is 300th Anniversary University Professor in Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and acting director of the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations. Before serving as president, he was dean of Harvard Law School. Bok has written four books on higher education: Beyond the Ivory Tower (1982), Higher Learning (1986), Universities and the Future of America (1990) and The Shape of the River (1998). His current research interests include the state of higher education and the adequacy of the U.S. government in dealing with the nation’s domestic problems. Bok’s speech at Emory is titled “The Hole in the Curriculum: How Faculties Overlook Important Educational Needs.” The event will
be held Nov. 25 from 4–6 p.m. in Cox Ballroom. For more information, call 404-727-0785.




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