July 7, 2003

Field narrows to handful of candidates in presidential search

Michael Terrazas

Emory’s search for a successor to President Bill Chace has been narrowed to as few as four candidates, Board of Trustees Chair Ben Johnson announced June 24.

Johnson, who chairs the Presidential Search Committee, said the group interviewed 15 candidates in mid-May and has brought “at least four and perhaps more” of those individuals back to campus for second interviews.

“Everyone we saw in the second round was a serious and credible candidate who was quite interested in the position and excited about the opportunities Emory has in front of it,” Johnson said. “I’m quite optimistic that the process will present Emory with a president we can all be excited about.”

Johnson said all the candidates hold “significant positions at other institutions” and place a high regard on confidentiality; there has been no indication that any would be comfortable with holding public appearances on campus during the final stage of the search.

“None of them wants to be identified as having been involved in some other search—particularly as having been involved in some other search and not having been successful,” Johnson said.

He said the committee hopes to make a recommendation for Emory’s next president to the Board of Trustees by the end of the summer.

Chace announced his retirement last November, but he said he would remain as president until his successor arrives at Emory. In addition to the Presidential Search Committee, Johnson nominated a 10-person Faculty Advisory Committee to provide more faculty input into the search while maintaining candidates’ desire for privacy.