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Have a seat: Chairs on display through May 15: Honey, I Shrunk the Student! No, Disney is not shooting a new movie on campus, and junior Hugo Aparicio is actually normal size—it’s the chair that’s a bit out of proportion. Big Adirondack by Kerry Moore is a 15-foot-tall, 850-pound wooden chair that is one of the most visible pieces of the Emory Chairs Project, an exhibition developed by the visual arts faculty and the Steering Committee for the Arts. This piece is located in the grassy area next to the Goizueta Business School and the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts. For a full story on the Chairs Project. Click here or above for the full story. Photo by Kay Hinton.


Vice President of Alumni Affairs Bob Pennington, ’74Ox, ’76C, ’81B, ’81L, and his son, Joe, enjoy the kid’s carnival at the 2003 Oxford Weekend, held Saturday, April 26. The perfect Oxford weather brought out alumni, students, faculty and friends for reunions of the classes ending in “3” and “8,” the Old Timers, and a special reunion of the alumni and faculty of the Four-Year Program (1952–64). On Sunday, April 27, a memorial service was held to honor those Oxford alumni who have died since last Oxford Weekend.




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