November 17, 2003

Bill Fox named senior VP for external affairs

By Michael Terrazas

Bill Fox, senior vice president for Institutional Advancement (IA), will move to a new role as senior vice president for external affairs, according to a Nov. 10 announcement by President Jim Wagner.

Fox, who has headed IA since 1991, said he will act as a "University ambassador at large" in his new position, which will become effective when his successor at IA is ready to take office. A national search will be conducted to fill the position.

"Emory plans a major comprehensive campaign in the near future," Fox said. "Planning for it and executing it successfully, which could be a 10-year proces, requires a new leader. I would be well into my 70s by the end of 10 years. Indeed, it would be, in my opinion, selfish of me not to step aside. Emory needs 'new blood' in the total area of fund raising and advancement."

In his announcement, Wagner called Fox a "devoted friend and wise counselor to the University and to innumerable students, alumni, faculty and University friends."

"In [his new role], Bill will continue to maintain and build strong relationships with individuals and organizations to whom Emory owes a great deal, and through whom Emory hopes to draw strength in moving toward its vision," Wagner said. "In characteristic and unselfish style, Bill will remain in his current post until a successor can be recruited."

Fox said he will continue to oversee programs such as the Bobby Jones Scholarship and Charter Day events, along with cultivating and stewarding Emory's relationships with those people who have been generous to the University.

"I'll be a globetrotter," he said. "I have no interest in retirement. I want to serve Emory as long as Emory will permit me to serve, and I just consider this opportunity a great blessing."