October 20, 2003

Benefits Open Enrollment starts today, Oct. 20

Wynell Lauver is communications consultant for Human Resources.

Today through Friday, Nov. 7, University employees can review their current benefit elections and make all necessary changes online at http://leo.cc.emory.edu. They may enroll in or change elections in supplemental life insurance, group legal and supplemental income protection by clicking the links listed on the confirmation page.

A great way to help pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses is with a flexible spending account (FSA). Participants can reduce their taxes by setting aside money on a pre-tax basis for medical, dental, prescription and vision expenses not covered by insurance. New for 2004, FSAs can be used to pay for over-the-counter medicines such as pain relievers, antihistamines, contact lens solutions and cold remedies

To enroll online, employees will need their Emory network ID and password. Anyone who does not know this information can contact the Information Technology Division (ITD) help desk at 404-727-7777. ITD will provide the network ID, and employees will be directed to a website to change their password. Taking this opportunity to retrieve a network ID and password will make it easier to review payroll and benefits information online throughout the year.

Follow the four easy steps for online enrollment outlined in "Your Guide to Benefits."
Those electing for EmoryChoice who did not have the plan in 2003, or anyone adding a new dependent to Dental Choice, will need to identify a Primary Care Provider (PCP) for each family member and have his or her ID number available before enrolling.

Employees will receive a benefits confirmation statement at their home address by mid-December. Be sure to verify home address to ensure delivery of the confirmation statement and plan ID cards. Individuals may revisit this site to make changes to elections at anytime during the Open Enrollment period. After receiving the confirmation statement, notify the benefits department immediately about any errors in elections.

Make sure you are saving enough to retire

With the new year just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to review financial portfolios. Those enrolled in a Fidelity account may use Fidelity’s PortfolioPlanner, a personalized online financial planning tool, to create a comprehensive plan for the future.
The planner helps you:

  • develop a plan to help reach important goals. Plan for any important expenditure, whether it’s a more comfortable retirement, home ownership or a college education. review investment mix. Allocation of assets can greatly affect portfolio performance. The planner can help determine an appropriate investment mix.

  • examine investment strategies for all accounts. Detailed asset allocation strategies are available for workplace savings plan accounts and other retirement accounts, including IRAs and taxable amounts.

  • learn more about money management. As investors evaluate their goals and financial situation with the planner, they will better understand the basics of investing and money management.

  • access detailed information in the Help section. To help them feel at ease while using the planner, individuals may refer to the Help section for answers to questions and to discover valuable information. The section contains a glossary of financial terms, instructions on how to use the planner, and much more.

  • explore "what if" scenarios. See how savings and investing tradeoff decisions may affect the likelihood of reaching your goals. Common questions include: Can I retire early, or will I need to work until my retirement age? If I increase my savings by $50 per month, will I have enough money to send my child to college? If I’m buying a house in the next few years, should I change my asset allocation strategy?

To access Portfolio Planner, visit www.fidelity.com and click on Fidelity NetBenefits. Participants will need to provide a Social Security number and establish a PIN. Next, login to NetBenefits and then click on PortfolioPlanner.Employees with questions about Open Enrollment or financial planning should contact their benefits specialist.