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Museum forges unique partnerships When the tools she and other researchers need aren’t available at Emory, Carlos Museum Conservator Renee Stein looks outside the University for help. In the past two years, Stein has forged collaborative relationships with Delta Air Lines and Hershey’s—yes, Hershey’s—to examine Carlos artifacts. Delta’s high-powered X-ray machines have been used to study ancient metal objects to determine whether cracks are from repairs or part of the original artwork, and the Pennsylvania-based chocolate manufacturer has been employed to test for the presence of chocolate in pre-Columbia artifacts from Costa Rica. Click here or above for the full story.


Scholarship & Research: Researchers mark cells with golden 'gene gun' Joshy Jacob (left) and Sanjay Garg are men with the golden gene gun, as the two have designed a way to track dendritic cells by injecting them with microscopic golden pellets that are coated with DNA. Click here or above for the full story. Photo by Ann Borden.




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