September 22, 2003

PCSM holds first meeting of academic year


By Matthew Harrison


The President’s Commission on the Status of Minorities (PCSM) met for the first time this academic year on Sept. 8 in 400 Administration. The meeting primarily served as a meet and greet for 2003–04.

Each subcommittee shared its goals for the year. John Hammond, staff concerns chair, said that he would complete an assessment of the campus climate toward diversity, and that the committee’s main objective is to develop and administer a survey, collect data, complete an analysis and report findings back to PCSM.

Student concerns co-chairs Amanda Edwards and Juno Lawrence shared an agenda similar to the staff concerns committee—brainstorming to determine the best method to address issues of diversity on the Emory campus.

Brenda Nix reported for the historical records committee, saying last year the group completed a summary of all events from the previous year. The goal is to have these records archived in the University libraries.

Nix also reported for the conference and events planning committee, which is developing the plans for an international conference for fall 2005.

President Jim Wagner addressed the commission and said he plans to work closely with them. Wagner said he strongly believes in and supports the role and purpose of the commission, as he views “the university [as] a place where values come together, not to blend and become one, but rather to express and appreciate one another so that in part we become a stronger community.”

PCSM will meet again on Tuesday, Oct. 28, at 3 p.m. in 400 Administration.

If you have a question or concern for PCSM, e-mail chair Nagueyalti Warren at