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Beauty is held in a delicate balance as one of the monarch butterflies living in the butterfly garden near the Math & Science Center silently awaits transformation inside its chrysalis. This cocoon hangs on a holdover from this summer’s “Chairs” project that resembles a tree closely enough to fool the chrysalis’ occupant. Environmental studies Assistant Professor Sonia Altizer is raising the graceful insects from four different North American colonies to study their reactions to temperature change. Photo by John Rou.


ER Profile: Molly Epstein: Assistant Professor Molly Epstein is team leader for the Goizueta Business School’s management communication program. Schooled in English literature and advertising, Epstein teaches BBA and MBA students how to refine their writing, speaking and teaming skills. Off campus, she is heavily invovled in improving her neighborhood, not only for herself but for her three children, the oldest of whom is 3. Click here or above for the full story. Photo by Kay Hinton.




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