April 7, 2004

By the numbers        

Number of chairs set up on the Quadrangle: 5,000

Hours required to set up chairs on the Quadrangle: two

Number of volunteers from FM who set up chairs: 20

Days required to set up the main stage canopy: Seven

Number of flowers set out on the main stage: 100 mums and 12 palms

Number of Inauguration invitations printed: 7,500

Number of Inauguration programs printed: 5,000

Number of delegates from other colleges and universities attending the Inauguration: 218

Number of miles run in the torch relay: 40.4 (37.4 miles from Oxford to Emory and three miles around the Emory campus)

Hours it took torch runners to run from Oxford to Emory:
Five hours, six minutes

Number of torch bearers running the relay: 72 (27 in Oxford-to-Atlanta run; 45 on campus)

Number of visits to the Inauguration website   during March:   5,276

Number of digital photos taken by University Photography: 6,962 images shot by four photographers --the equivalent of 193 rolls of 36 exposure film or a total of 17,405 MB of memory

--Compiled by Stephanie Stinn