August 1, 2005

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Michael Terrazas, Editor

Eric Rangus, Senior Editor

Katherine Baust, Staff Writer

Christi Gray, Designer

Jon Rou, Photography Director

Diya Chaudhuri,
Editorial Assistant


Prior to a July 22 speech at the Atlanta Civic Center, President George W. Bush and his mother Barbara dropped by Wesley Woods to talk to a group of 15 seniors about Medicare and Social Security. The group of seniors at Budd Terrace was participating in a special class to learn more about Medicare Part D when the president walked through the door. “[Medicare and Social Security] are of the utmost importance to each of the patients and residents at Wesley Woods Center,” said Wesley Woods CEO Peter Basler. “We were honored that the president made time to visit us during his short trip to Atlanta.”


Drug royalty sale fuels Emory research

Emory’s record half-billion-dollar sale of royalty rights to the leading anti-HIV drug Emtriva will be reinvested in the University’s scientific and health-related research and education mission for the benefit of Georgia, the nation and the world, according to President James Wagner and other senior officials.

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