September 6, 2005

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Michael Terrazas, Editor

Eric Rangus, Senior Editor

Katherine Baust, Staff Writer

Christi Gray, Designer

Jon Rou, Photography Director

Diya Chaudhuri,
Editorial Assistant


Emory’s annual Convocation ceremony, the University’s official welcome to its incoming freshman class, took place in Glenn Auditorium, Tuesday, Aug. 30. The Class of 2009’s first guides on their journey as Emory students were the orientation leaders pictured above, who ushered their young charges across campus for a variety of activities geared to introduce them to their new academic home. Once seated in Glenn’s pews, the Class of 2009 heard encouraging words from President Jim Wagner and faculty members Marshall Duke and Preetha Ram.


Class of 2009 greeted by Emory family

Each year, Emory’s opening convocation serves as the University’s official welcome to the incoming freshman class. The focus is on the promise of new frontiers and excitement of new experiences.

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