April 16, 2007

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Nancy Seideman, Acting Editor

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PHOTO: Ann Borden
AIDS quilt panels honor African Americans
Participants at a workshop led by celebrated Atlanta textile artist Marquetta Bell-Johnson sewed panels for the AIDS Memorial Quilt to honor African Americans who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. The Dean of the Chapel and Religious Life at Emory, in partnership with the NAMES Project Foundation, the caretaker of the quilt, sponsored the “Call My Name” workshop April 9 in Cannon Chapel. The workshop was designed to add a stronger African American presence of names on the quilt in an effort to educate African Americans about HIV/AIDS.

‘State of Race’ forum takes on ‘N’ word, Imus flap

"Kike. Gook. Wop. Spic. Wetback. Honkie. Nigger. And the list goes on.” The audience in Woodruff P.E. Center Arena shifted uncomfortably in their seats as Harvard law professor Randall Kennedy got right to the point of the College Council’s seventh annual “State of Race” forum. The topic of this year’s discussion: “Racial Slurs in Modern America.”

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