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April 28, 2008
Letter From the President:

In some ways it’s more fun to plan than to implement — this was my observation published in the first Emory Report special strategic plan implementation issue last January.

A year and a half later, a sense of fun is less descriptive of where we are now. We are beginning to sense the allure of a deep satisfaction, which is uniquely the product of discipline and exertion in pursuit of a meaningful goal.

The public launch of Campaign Emory has been set for Sept. 25. Deans and initiative/theme leaders will be meeting within the next couple of months to help align our vision across the schools and units, within the goals of the campaign.

As we take ownership and move forward, the process will become more rigorous. We will need to evaluate our projected results in light of overarching institutional goals, and make difficult decisions about resource allocation.

We are definitely entering another phase, but as we do so, we must hold tightly to the creativity, energy and innovation that have infused this plan from its inception.

Congratulations to all, and thank you for your commitment and contributions. I look forward to helping forge the campus-wide partnerships that will move us closer to our future as a globally recognized destination for the world’s finest scholars and students.

— President Jim Wagner