September 2, 2008

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Nancy Seideman,
Executive Editor

Kim Urquhart, Editor

Christi Gray, Designer

Bryan Meltz, Photography Director

Leslie King, Editorial Assistant

Carol Clark, Staff Writer


Convocation welcomed the Class of 2012 with pomp, ceremony and encouragement.

From Beowulf to Obama, freshmen enjoy epic launch
Convocation took the class of 2012 on a whirlwind trip through time, entertaining the freshmen with an ancient “fire-wrapped” dragon, a 1930s swing band and glimpses of what lies ahead as they embark on their collective journey into the realm of higher education.Click here to read the full text of this story.

Launch celebrates creative campus
For the first time in Emory’s artistic history, all of the major arts presenters will assemble simultaneously under the roof of the Schwartz Center on Friday, Sept. 5 for the “Creativity & Arts Soiree: Celebrate Emory’s Creative Campus,” the official launch party of the Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts. Click here to read the full text of this story.

Learn with the best at QUEST

A new program at Emory will offer the Atlanta community a unique opportunity to learn from the best of Emory’s faculty. Click here to read the full text of this story.