January 25, 2010


How-to shows eating best for less

In a December seminar, wellness specialist Tara Cox showed how “Eating the Best for Less” can be done.   

“People eat about the same volume of food every day,” she said, and you can have a healthy diet by choosing plant-based sources and foods that are “filling but not fattening.”

To spend less money, Cox showed how having vegetarian entrees once or twice a week equals savings. “Replacing a beef entrée with bean entrée twice a week would save $51 per year,” she said.

“The more food you prepare at home, the more control you have over your calories,” Cox notes, but she’s not advocating cutting the restaurant trips.  To save money, she suggests sharing entrees; taking half home as a second meal; and having appetizers as a meal. To save calories, order dressings and sauces on the side; choose baked, broiled or grilled; eat more vegetables; and have broth-based soups.

“Research shows you eat less if you start with soup,” she says.

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