January 25, 2010


Work-life conflict issues hit home

“What is the role of institutions in supporting work and family?” That was the question up for discussion by Kim Callaway and Lucy English of Horizons Family Solutions in “Times Are Changing,” sponsored by the Center for Women Jan. 20.

Work-life conflicts have risen sharply for men, who now spend more time with their children. And while both genders underwent attitude changes about women in the workplace, men’s attitudes had the most dramatic changes.

“The older men in high-level jobs see their daughters struggling with these issues and that really opens their eyes,” said Callaway.

Faculty, staff and students talked about their work-life conflicts and offered ideas on increasing productivity and retaining and recruiting faculty.

The most effective ways to get changes, English said, were “having a supportive champion in a high position and women banging pots and pans” by bringing the issues to management attention.

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