April 12, 2010


Speakers: India on destiny's doorstep

Introducing Arun Singh, deputy chief of mission to the U.S., and Jagdish Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing, at the Emerging India Summit in March, moderator Marion Creekmore noted “both are firmly convinced that India is a rising international power.”

Singh elaborated on “challenges which have inherent opportunities,” for collaboration between India and the U.S., focusing on energy, food security and higher education.

“One famous Indian analyst said, ‘We are living in the 18th century and the 21st century at the same time.’”

Sheth feels, “This is the decade of destination for India.”

He said, “India will probably globally expand through acquisitions.” And he cited the economic crisis of 1991 as changing “a country whose image was primarily a country of roaming cows and snake charmers” to giving “Indians a very positive image about themselves.”

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