May 17, 2010

Recognition of retiring faculty and staff

Recognition of the retiring members of the faculty, administration and staff. Date indicates year of initial employment at Emory.
Faculty and Administrators

Thomas M. Aaberg Sr., Ophthamology (1988)
Carlos S. Alvarado, Hematology/Oncology (1981)
Murray G. Baron, Radiology (1982)
Robert W. Bonsall, Psychology (1973)
Gordon Borkat, Pediatrics (1994)
William V. Brown, Endocrinology (1991)
Thomas S. Burns, Theology (1974)
William M. Chace, English (1994)
William A. Chamberlain, Obstetrics/Gynecology (1990)
Edmund P. Day, Physics (1990)
James W. Fowler III, Theology (1977)
Barry M. Glasser, Surgery Administration (1981)
John D. Hanes (1976)
Joseph I. Miller, Thoracic Surgery (1965)
Katherine Mitchell, Visual Arts (1980)
Jane DiFolco Parker, Development and Alumni Relations (1972)
B. Denise Raynor, Obstetrics/Gynecology (1994)
Carol A. Reis-Starr, Geriatrics (1998)
Gary R. Smith, Law (1972)
Robert D. Stulting Jr., Ophthalmology (1981)
Bonita H. Swain, Human Resources (1980)
Albert J. Tuboku-Metzger, Pediatrics (1984)
Kay H. Vydareny, Radiology (1991)
Bernard Weiss, Pathology (1998)
Viola G. Westbrook, German Studies (1967)
Dorothy M. Wilson, Operating Room Unit Director (1984)
Willis H. Williams, Thoracic Surgery (1976)
Twenty-five or more years of service
Douglas F. Abell, Organizational Development (1984)
Laura G. Ashby, Ophthalmology (1972)
Cynthia W. Barber, Hyperbarics (1975)
Barbara J. Burns, University Libraries (1983)
Jacqueline Castellaw, Oxford College (1974)
Carolyn F. Clingan (1984)
Yvonne Crawford, Surgery (1975)
Clarice Daniel, Maintenance (1973)
Render S. Davis, Office of Quality (1976)
Frances E. Davis, Plastic Surgery (1971)
Susan J. Duensing, Anesthesiology (1982)
Susan H. Eckert, Nursing Administration (1979)
Ruth S. Ellis, Pediatrics Administration (1977)
Ann M. Head, Same Day Surgery (1979)
Michael D. Hooten, Emory Creative Group (1982)
Ray L. Hunt, Cardiovascular Nursing (1969)
Beverly J. Hunter, Urology (1972)
Mae Bell Jackson, University Libraries (1969)
Achamma D. Kokoth, Interdepartmental Staffing (1972)
Myra E. Lakes-Powell, General Medicine (1981)
Barbara U. Lawson, Office of Undergraduate Education (1984)
Susan D. Long, Office of Quality (1974)
Patricia A. Love, Environmental Services (1981)
Virginia Lowe, Plastic Surgery (1978)
Annie P. McDowell, Food and Nutrition Services (1983)
Saramma C. Oommen, Cardiology (1981)
Mary J. Patrick, Pathology Surgical Services (1968)
Peggy M. Plant, Yerkes National Primate Research Center (1973)
Barbara Jean Price, Nephrology (1980)
Dolores M. Rodriguez, Nurse Clinician (1981)
Sheila D. Rotter, Psychology (1985)
Margaret A. Sims-Curbow, Rollins Pavillion Nurse (1984)
Cindy Yuh-Yun Wang, Law Library (1983)
Richard Westrick Sr., University Technology Services (1982)
Addie J. Williams, Food and Nutrition (1983)
Sharon Diane Woolf, Unit Clerk (1981)
Sylvia Wrobel, Health Sciences Communications (1982)
Kathryn P. Wueste, Labor and Delivery (1979)

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