September 17, 2010

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Tech for teaching Millennials

The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence continues its Teaching Tables: Millennial Learner Series on the theory and practice of teaching technology with upcoming workshops for faculty.

The workshops are co-sponsored with Emory’s Center for Interactive Teaching.

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Podcasting and Pedagogy

Wednesday, Sept. 22; 11:30-1 p.m.; 215 ECIT, Woodruff Library

This workshop shows how to deliver educational content, class lectures, interviews, videos and other materials that students can access via iTunes.  It features information on iTunesU at Emory and podcasting, including faculty examples, content creation, production and support and a discussion on how this technology can be applied to teaching.  

Technology 101: Using New Technologies in Your Classroom
Wednesday, Sept. 29; 11:30-1p.m.; 215 ECIT, Woodruff Library

Three new technologies — Luna’s Insight, Google Docs, and the iPad — offer new opportunities for collaboration and new ways of learning. This workshop features the keys to best use of three new technologies in the classroom: Luna’s Insight, Google Docs, and the iPad.

Luna’s Insight is for organizing, categorizing, editing and presenting images pulled from the web.

Google Docs and Google Groups can be used in tandem to create an online “place” for class content to be collaboratively developed, edited and shared.

And the iPad offers a new type of portability,  plus possibilities of new learning  dynamics through its endless applications.

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