September 20, 2010

A Homecoming to make you proud

Before they were Grammy Award-winning musicians, Emily Saliers ’85C and Amy Ray ’86C were Emory students. And on Saturday, Sept. 25, Saliers and Ray—better known as the Indigo Girls—return to Emory as special Homecoming guests.

The duo, who got their start playing bars, coffee houses, and other venues around Emory in the mid-1980s, are headlining Emory Homecoming Weekend, Sept. 23–26. They take to the McDonough Field stage at 3 p.m. on Saturday for a performance that is free of charge to the Emory community. Here is the Indigo Girls' ultimate iPod list.

The concert is one of many Homecoming highlights across campus. The annual celebration, which includes scores of events and draws thousands of visitors from Atlanta and far beyond, has grown into one of the Emory community’s most anticipated weeks of the year.

Emory Homecoming mini-schedule
Eric Rangus, communications director for the Emory Alumni Association, offers his annual commentary on Homecoming highlights:

Thursday, Sept. 23
6:30 p.m., Miller-Ward Alumni House 10th Anniversary Reception

Better than that birthday party you had a Chuck E. Cheese. Business attire, please.

Friday, Sept. 24
12:15 p.m. Creativity Conversation with Emily Saliers ’85C and Don Saliers
Join Rosemary Magee ’82PhD for a father/daughter conversation. Will Don ask Emily why she broke that lamp in second grade? Or will they stick to subjects like the intersection of music and spirituality?

1 p.m., Career Coaching Sessions
Tell your boss you’re going out to lunch. A loooong lunch.

2 p.m., Class of 1985 Luminary Panel Discussion
This star-studded panel of tremendously successful alumni will make you proud you went to/work at Emory … and possibly question some of your own life choices.

6 p.m. Clyde “Doc” Partin Sr. Athletic Historical Timeline
Trace the history of athletics at Emory; also learn the identity of Emory’s all-time varsity teams. No running involved, unless you want to.

Saturday, Sept. 25
8:30 a.m. Dolichos 2.62 mile run

What does “Dolichos” mean? It’s Greek for “8:30 a.m. is really early on a Saturday.”

11 a.m., GALA Blue Jean Brunch
The title of Emory Gay and Lesbian Alumni’s (GALA) annual social refers to the recommended attire, not the menu.

11:30 a.m., Movie Screening, “Dumbstruck”
Filmmaker Mark Goffman ’90C is no dummy, but a lot of his characters are. This heartwarming documentary, centering on a quintet of ventriloquists, debuted earlier this year at the Atlanta Film Festival, and gets a second showing on campus. A Q&A with Goffman follows the screening.

Noon, Tailgate Party and Soccer Game
Beat Duke! Doesn’t everybody play Duke for Homecoming? (Actually, the men’s soccer team’s Homecoming victim this year will be Greensboro College, which also is in North Carolina, so we’ve got that going for us.)

2 p.m., Big Bold Blue & Gold Homecoming Parade
More than 50 festive floats wound their way through campus in 2009. Expect more of the same. They take their time, but still move faster than cars on Clifton Road at 5 o’clock on a weekday.

3 p.m., Homecoming concert featuring the Indigo Girls and the Shadowboxers

We love their new stuff, but we’re gonna go crazy when they play “Galileo.” A special bonus, Indigo Girl Emily Saliers ’85C is celebrating her 25-year reunion. Fellow Indigo Amy Ray ’86C is up next year.

Nighttime, Class Reunions

Predicted quote of the night … “I sure look better than that guy.”

Sunday, Sept. 26
2:30 p.m., Marcus Hillel Center Dedication

Several years in the making, the Marcus Hillel Center is already viewed as one of Emory’s most attractive buildings. Even the parking is good.

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