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September 21, 2010

Take Note

Streaming improvements for Lullwater

Take a walk about 200 feet inside verdant Lullwater Preserve, to the streambank next to the granite weir, and notice the recent improvements that have been made.

Emory’s Lullwater Management Plan made recommendations concentrating on streambank erosion and restoration throughout the preserve.

“We’ve removed invasive plants, fallen trees and reused the mulch for erosion control and stabilization,” says University Architect James Johnson. “We also constructed a rock filter ring at the outlet pipe to reduce the velocity of water, allowing it a longer ponding period, and we added a stabilizing runoff channel from Woodruff Residential with stone cross vanes.”

Johnson says the longer ponding period will allow sediment suspended in the runoff channel to settle out, resulting in a less polluted flow of water and it reduces the siltation of streams and creeks downstream.

While the actual work took approximately two weeks to complete, Campus Services  had been working for two years to complete the survey and master plan for the entire stream.

“Hopefully we will receive additional funding to complete the master plan in stages, all the way down to the lake,” adds Johnson. “We have learned through on-campus experience that the best practice is to start at the top of the watershed and work our way down.”

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