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October 7, 2010

Take Note

Employee Council offers Hot Topics

Hot Topics, a new initiative by the Employee Council, is up on the council’s website for employees to have their say.

Hot Topics are issues that have been brought to the attention of council representatives for discussion.

“In most cases, topics will come from our Employee Council meetings and will change monthly,” says Council president Angie Duprey.

“The topics will change as needed [and for] timely opportunities,” Duprey explains. “For example, the University Senate at its next meeting will have speakers that will be presenting to areas of topics that are spoken about a great deal on campus — one, of which we have posted already [a smoke-free campus]; the other is about parking and transportation.”

“New topics will be posted after they are brought forth at the Council meeting and will change monthly,” says Shaneesa Ashford, Council secretary-elect. “We will also post Hot Topics submissions that were sent through the website.”

Ashford continues, “The comments will be posted the Monday after the Council meeting of discussion, along with the EC's action,” such as being forwarded to the appropriate department.

“If someone submits a complaint or concern, they must submit a solution or the submission will not be accepted.”

Employees can submit a question, compliment, complaint, concern or a general suggestion.

Go to the Employee Council website to comment on or submit Hot Topics.

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