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October 15, 2010

Take Note

Honorary degree nominations sought

Nominations for honorary degree recipients are being solicited for the 2012 Commencement and beyond.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Nov. 10.

The Honorary Degrees Committee reviews nominations from the Emory community and recommends a slate of candidates for consideration for an honorary degree, which is bestowed at Commencement.

The committee encourages the nomination of individuals from diverse demographic backgrounds. Except under extraordinary conditions, those who have spent the greatest part of their careers as members of the Emory faculty or administration or those currently serving in U.S. elective office are not considered. 

However, the committee will consider nominations of people associated with Emory as alumni, distinguished visiting faculty or other similar circumstances.

The criteria for awarding of an honorary degree; the ways to submit nominations; and what the nominating letter should include can be found at the University Secretary’s office.

All nominations are confidential.

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