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November 24, 2010

Take Note

IT advisory on thumbdrive security

Emory's Office of Information Technology has approved two products that protect against the risk of storing and carrying sensitive information on a USB flash drive. 

IronKey Personal USB thumbdrives and Kingston Data Traveler Vault - Privacy Edition thumbdrives are the only flash drives to get the thumbs-up from OIT for transferring and storing sensitive Emory information. 

These particular drives use hardware-based encryption, ensuring that all data stored on the drive is encrypted.

The need for secure drives is prompted by the rise in popularity of these flash drives, the finger-sized devices often known as thumbdrives, to transfer computer files, replacing CDs, DVDs, zip disks and floppies. They can hold gigabytes of information in a package smaller than a pen.

However, their size and portability mean they can easily fall out of pockets or bags; slip under or off a desk; or be misplaced.

Find more information and where to purchase on the Office of Information Technology's website.

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