June 30, 2011

Advance Notice

Oldest mummy to star in Carlos Museum's next exhibit

Kneeling statuette of Pepi I.

The oldest Egyptian mummy in the Western Hemisphere will anchor the Michael C. Carlos Museum's next exhibition, opening Sept. 10.

"Life and Death in the Pyramid Age: The Emory Old Kingdom Mummy" will feature Emory's 4,000-year-old mummy, the oldest Egyptian mummy in the Western Hemisphere, acquired from excavations at Abydos in Middle Egypt by Emory theology professor William A. Shelton in 1920.

The exhibit will explore the social and political changes that marked the end of the Pyramid Age. The approximately 120 objects, to be on exhibit through Dec. 11, will illuminate ancient rites and rituals regarding the afterlife by chronicling the development of the burial site of Abydos and the cult of Osiris. There will be a link to the current excavations where the Old Kingdom mummy was found nearly a century ago.

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