August 18, 2011

Advance Notice

Workshop to address investor unease

Emory's WorkLife Resource Center will host a special workshop on investing in a volatile market.

The wild up and down swings in the financial markets this month have sparked a special workshop from Emory's WorkLife Resource Center.

"7 Principles of Investing in a Volatile Market" 
will be Friday, Aug. 26, at noon in the Harland Cinema of the Dobbs University Center.

This free workshop is part of WorkLife's Finance Matters financial education program.

Participants will learn about seven key principles of investing in a volatile market and how to build an action plan that matches personal investment preferences.

Ryan Hunt, workplace planning and guidance consultant from Fidelity Investments, will be the facilitator. Fidelity is one of the vendors for Emory's retirement plans.

The erratic, volatile financial markets have caused investors to feel uneasy. 

"Market volatility is completely normal and is to be expected," says Hunt, referencing investors' uneasiness over the markets' recent behavior. "In fact, whether you invest in a lifecycle fund, manage your own investments, or choose to have them managed by a professional investment manager, the current market conditions may actually work to your advantage."

Register or visit the WorkLife Resource Center at

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