September 26, 2011

Portraits unmask anonymity of library staffers

"The Portrait Project: A Snapshot of Emory Libraries Staff" is an exhibition of portraits by Melanie Bunn, leader of the stacks and storage teams at Emory Libraries.

Bunn began the project by taking a series of grainy black and white photos of 20 staff members with her Blackberry, then she worked from those shots to create offbeat portraits with oil paint, oil pastel and graphite. The purpose is to increase the visibility of library staffers' often-anonymous work, says Bunn.

The exhibit is on view now through Jan. 13, 2012 in Woodruff Library, Level 2.

Read more:  "Mel Bunn: Drawn to Painting Portraits" (Emory Libraries KeyWords Summer 2011)

View excerpts from "The Portrait Project: A Snapshot of Emory Libraries Staff":

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