We want to get beyond the notion that excellence in research must preclude excellence in teaching and that universities cannot support, evaluate, and reward teaching and research in equivalent ways.

- Teaching at Emory, Emory University's Commission on Teaching

UACT meets monthly to:
• Consider issues and aspects of teaching that reach across individual schools;
• Assist individual schools in the development of their own teaching resources, centers, or offices of instructional development; and
• Promote discussion and reflection on teaching across the university.

UACT offers and co-sponsors events and programs to Emory faculty throughout the year, such as roundtable luncheons, faculty development workshops, annual events like the Master Teacher Program (MTP), and a visiting speaker scheduled for each semester. Past events include a roundtable lunch "Inclusive Teaching and Diversity in the Sciences and Professional Schools" and lectures by Jane Elliot and screenings of her film "A Class Divided". Visiting speakers include Lee Shulman, President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Beverly Daniel Tatum, President of Spelman College, and Dr. Larry Altman, New York Times Science Times reporter.

UACT's goal is to provide faculty and administrators with a comprehensive view of teaching at Emory, both in and of itself and within the larger context of the ideals and activities of a modern research university.

For more information on UACT’s structure and goals, please read our bylaws.

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