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The Goizueta Business School Faculty Teaching Mentor Program

The Goizueta Business School Faculty Development in Teaching Program has a multifaceted approach to improving education across its various degree programs. The school recently announced and initiated a workshop series for faculty aimed at both pedagogy and delivery. This year the series will focus on the use of new technologies for in-class and remote learning, but will also include sessions on old and new pedagogy topics such as the case teaching method and experiential learning workshops.

The Goizueta Business School provides extensive mentoring and support to new faculty by pairing new faculty members with experienced, successful teachers in their areas, who can then pass on their materials and expertise related to classroom preparation, expectations, and delivery.

Finally, the school plans to extend its reach to alumni to include participation and feedback in curricular and teaching effectiveness issues, with special emphasis on how best to prepare Goizueta Business School graduates for challenging and successful business careers. For more information contact Susan Gilbert at susan_gilbert@bus.emory.edu, or 7-1044.

Goizueta Business Library

The Goizueta Business Library is affiliated with the Goizueta Business School and part of the General Library system, and is located within the Woodruff Library. The Business Library offers access to both a comprehensive print collection and online tools. An experienced staff of business librarians provides research training, individual consultations, and email reference assistance to help the Goizueta Business School community make the most effective use of library resources.


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