Dennis Liotta

Dennis Liotta

Co-PI, Medicinal Chemistry Chemical Biology Discovery Center
Professor of Organic Chemistry

Emory College
Department of Chemistry
403 Emerson Hall
Atlanta, GA, 30322-3090

Focus/responsibilities at the Center

The Emory Chemical Biology Discovery Center is the result of a collaboration between the School of Medicine and the Department of Chemistry in Emory College. Our success and ability to make a meaningful contribution to the MLSCN depend upon the combined strengths and expertise of our biomedical investigators and medicinal chemists. As a Co-Principal Investigator of the ECBDC, I am responsible for the overall direction of the medicinal chemistry team and help to maintain a dialogue with the PI and Co-PIs of the Assay/HTS and Informatics operations. I also provide support and guidance in establishing chemical probe characteristics for individual assays.

Dennis Liotta Dennis Liotta Dennis Liotta