Thota Ganesh

Thota Ganesh

Senior Research ScientistChemical Biology Discovery Center

Emory College
Department of Chemistry
1093 Rollins Reseach Center
1510 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA, 30322-3090

Focus/responsibilities at the Center

My primary responsibilities include synthesis of hit compounds identified through HTS or by virtual screening. I also perform structure/activity analysis of these compound sets. In parallel I work on the de novo design of Hear Shock Protein 90 (Hsp90) inhibitors.

Educational/professional background

I obtained my MSc and PhD degrees from Osmania University (India). I completed postdoctoral studies at Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay and then the University of Durham (UK). As a research scientist at Virginia Tech (USA), I designed and synthesized several constrained Taxol® analogs, which bind more effectively to protein target tubulin polymer and also kill cancer cells more efficiently than Taxol®. I also worked on the synthesis and biology of potential anticancer agents epothilones and studied their interaction with tubulin polymer. My research interests include drug delivery to cancer cells, development of small molecule inhibitors for novel protein targets, and rational drug design.

Thota Ganesh Thota Ganesh Thota Ganesh