Raymond Dingledine

  • Principal Investigator
  • The Chemical Biology Discovery Center
  • Professor and Chairman
  • Department of Pharmacology
  • Emory School of Medicine

Assay Probe Drug

Welcome to the Emory Chemical Biology Discovery Center! Our teams of biomedical investigators, synthetic chemists and cheminformaticists work together to create novel small organic molecules that target disease-related proteins and processes, and that are potent and selective. Such molecular probes find primary uses as research tools, but our experience is that some of our creations also serve as leads for commercial development.

NIH and Emory have invested tremendous resources in this joint effort among ten research institutions. Likewise, our team is investing a significant portion of our careers. We are well on our way to improving our nation’s biomedical research toolbox, and enhancing the ways biomedical science is done. I warmly invite you to learn more about our Center by contacting me, Haian Fu, Jim Snyder or Dennis Liotta here at Emory, and I encourage you to consider collaborating with us on your own projects!